Cleaned out my Bullet…

Anyone who have owned their Bullet for a few months of good roasting will know the significance. Lol :joy:


uh oh… missed a spot!

:smiley: :wink:


DOH!!! :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::rofl::rofl: you got me

Truly, it’s beautiful. Did you use Caffeiza? that stuff is magic, but I always work fast and rinse frequently because it’s corrosive.

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Actually just Simple Green (lemon) is all. :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you dilute it or just used as is? I think I have concentrated Simple Green that needs diluting so need to figure out the SG to H2O ratio to use.

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I get it in the spray bottle, so it’s ready to go. However, the concentrated type might come in handy for tough removal. Joe Behm from Behmor recommended it to me when I had my Behmore 1600+ and it worked great on that, so it seemed to make sense to carry that over to the Bullet. :slight_smile: I should note that after some help with a toothbrush - spraying it off with the garden hose on Jet setting, was also a surprisingly effective help.

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Thanks! I may try a 1 to 3 ratio to start. Have 20 roasts on it already so I figured it’s a good time to do some cleaning.

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Yeah. I think that’s good timing. Much easier to maintenance when it’s more routine. Especially compared to that video you may have seen from Tom at Sweet Maria’s on that returned Bullet. Lol

I have 23 roasts having used about 10Kg of green beans. I deep cleaned my roaster today thinking it should be about time and it was. I would not say that the roaster was terrible dirty, or that I had waited too long, but I think I will keep the 10Kg schedule moving forward for a complete deep clean, and will pull the chaff basket for cleaning as needed. The chaff basket was in the greatest need of cleaning and could probably benefit from more frequent preventative maintenance schedule. Gotta keep that air moving!
I used the Cafize cleaner and mixed it in a bowl according to instructions on the bottle. Soaked each part for a minute or two, brushed each part with an old tooth brush or nail brush, then rinsed immediately (wearing gloves). I will not bother including pictures, but it worked very well. The Simple Green cleaner appears from Bob’s post to work well also, and may be safer to use?

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@bobstrenger and @lanaiguycoffee how long did it take you guys to clean? I had planned to but the last two weekends ran away on me :sweat_smile:

Hi. Don’t all weekends just get away fast!?? :o lol I think I spent about 40 minutes on it. I just took my time because it was nice outside that day. I also, since ordered a set of those fan guards you linked to and installed one, so no more filter-hungry fan! lol

40 mins isn’t so bad. This Saturday is a rainy one in the forecast so it would be a good day to clean this baby up before I clean and reseal my granite kitchen counters…

Oh nice that those fan guards worked out for you too. Like I said I can’t take credit… :slight_smile:

Hi Blacklabs. I spent about an hour, but I was really just taking my time and learning. Plus, as it was my first time, I found that I had to stop from time to time to find something else that I needed. I think with this first experience behind me that 40 minutes would be adequate…probably a bit less as I become more proficient.

Thanks @lanaiguycoffee - it’ll be my first time cleaning too so I’ll set aside an hour.

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I’ve used baking soda and hot water for soaking/cleaning the impeller and basket…rinsed well. Then used a little on a rag to clean the front plate with alcohol on the IBTS. Probably took over an hour, but I was also cleaning my Chemex the same way.

It always feels nice having a clean roaster. Wish I could keep my truck that clean.

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When deep cleaning has anyone found a good way to clean out the exhaust tube that runs along the top of the roaster?

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Based on a video by Sweet Maria about deep cleaning I saw what they used. They used a coffee carafe brush that has been straightened out. I had confirmed with them… but alas I still haven’t found the time to roast or clean my Bullet in the last 3 weeks! :pensive:

Maybe something like this

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I used a bottle cleaning brush with a wire coat hanger as extension arm, worked fine :thinking:

But I do like @stuartmcknight suggestion. Will check the cleaning supply/vacuum stores next week.