Coffee residue buildup


I have about 250 roasts under my belt with the Bullet. I am wondering if anybody else is able to get their Bullet completely clean on the inside front panel and the exhaust tube. I have attached 2 photos to show you the buildup I cannot seem to remove.

I have close to the same number of roasts and saw the same thing on my Bullet. If you wear rubber gloves you can use some Caffiza (citric acid base iirc) which will help with the built up residue (you probably used that). Others have suggested Simple Green. You can probably get off more of the built up area around the tc probe but you have the probe clean and I would think that’s what’s important. You did a much better job on the exhaust tube than I did! I was afraid of dripping residue into the drum insulation but without it getting really clean it has built up quickly since the cleaning.


I bought mine used, only “100 roasts” the seller touted. When it showed up at my house, I was ready to file a claim with PayPal to get my 2g back, and buy a new one, it looked like it hadn’t been cleaned at all since new. Literally spent 45 min cleaning the ir sensor window (before i upgraded to the ibts)

Absolutely FILTHY. Simple green and hot water and the junk will melt right off.

Honestly that doesnt look that bad. I think it is kind of fun to see all the coffee gunk melt away with cleaning. These things are built rock solid and can handle a bit of misuse. Im my opinion.