Control PCB Fan Running

For whatever reason when I started the bullet today the fan for the electronics ran much longer than it usually does. Had me worried! Shut off after 1 minute or so. Anything I should watch for?

Not sure which fan. At start-up the f/w runs the exhaust fan up to max, then it slows it down to (I think) F2 where it sits till you change it during a roast.

There’s a fan inside the pedestal of the control panel that is for the IBTS but even at it’s fixed 16,000 rpm speed I don’t hear it as anything but background noise. The other 2 (3?) fans are fixed speed and (to me) not very loud. And the drum motor is probably not what you heard.

So if I have it right it’s prob the exhaust fan. I wonder if the f/w stalled at that point… ?? Maybe processing an unexpected event. Even if you didn’t save the Logs, if you contact Support (eMail) they may be able to piece together what the issue is/was from data collected on the server. Have you powered up again since that first occurrence?


It’s the small fan the is visible if you remove the chaff collector, but not the exhaust fan. It typically revs up for a moment when I start up but not this long.

@jackamick I have had this too, gave me a bit of a scare so I shut down and rebooted the machine, it was still here. I waited it out, it took a while for it to go back to normal speed and it hasn’t happened again. No clue what it was.


Nothing wrong in the fans running too fast, you should still be able to roast.
If you skip pre-heating then go directly to roast mode, set power to P0 and then open the info panel and take a snap shot of this then I can see what is going on. We call the fan under the bullet Coil fan 1 (80mm fan). The fan which is visible when taking off the chaff collector is called Coil fan 2 (60mm). They are controlled in sync so if one is running full speed and the other is not, then there is a problem somewhere.
When drum is below 80 deg and induction is off they should be running slowly, then when you go to max P9 they should be running full speed. You will see this in the info panel (in roast mode)


@jacob This is good to know!!

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