Couldn't install USB driver in Win10, anyone can help?

Dear Sir,

I tried to install the USB driver for my new Roaster, Bullet R1, but failed.

I follow the instructions and executed the “ind-wizard.exe”.
Everything was same as the “Install Driver Guide.pdf” said. except the last page.

The message box shows “This package contains an inf file only.” and the “Install Now” button remained grey.

Anyone can help to find the issue?? Thanks in advance!

Francis Guo

Hi Francis,

Did you run the inf-wizard.exe as administrator? (Right click → run as administrator). If that options is not available it has something to do with the settings in your win10.
It will ask you to save the inf files, just choose the default location. After that you should be able to install driver.

Dear Jacob,

Yes, I do run the inf-wizard.exe as administrator.
Moreover, I shunt down all anti-virus program and internet protection tools likes “Windows Defence, KIS, etc…”.

What setting I might need to do in Win10?? Thanks in advance for your kindly help.

Best Regards,
Francis Guo

Are you use the [WIN10 Table] Version ? It had a conflict with R1 driver.
You can use another desktop or notebook with [win 10] to connect R1.

Dear Sir,

No, it is Win 10 Professional version 1607. Chinese edition. 64bits.

Best Regards,
Francis GUO