Deep Clean

Did the full deep clean on my Bullet, was actually just like the video’s on the Aillio website, SUPER EASY!!! Now it all looks new again :)). I roasted about 30 kilos, and felt it was time.

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Same. I thought my squirrel cage fan was a lost cause but 60 seconds of soaking it Cafiza made it look brand new again.


I know crazy!!! Nothing like a little Cafiza for a few mins.

How did you clean your front plate? There’s no explanation on the aillio website. On the website is only the video where they clean the ibts, but the plate around the sensor is shiny and new. Mine isn’t, it’s really burnt and I can’t really clean it…

I used a bit of diluted Cafiza with warm water, and wiped it down, worked great!

My before and afters…,

It looks spotless but the big question is did you also clean the lens of the IR sensor while you were cleaning the muck?

Aillio recommends alcohol + cotton swab to clean the sensor. I’ve never seen anything on the lens before cleaning and I’ve never seen anything on the swab after cleaning. But I have consistently seen a difference in the data: IBTS separates from B-Temp a little. I make the assumption that the B-Temp probe is little affected by the crud from roasting, so the biggest part of the change must be from something on the IR sensor that I can’t see.

I have to admit there’s a bit of satisfaction that comes with getting things clean!


I did, with rubbing alcohol on a q tip… I saw no reason to do it… .but I did so regardless. That was the only thing that seemed clean for sure.


What was your dilution ratio?

VERY very little Cafiza to hot water. Like 1/4 teaspoon.

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Wow, I’ve never seen anything like it. I also never used anything but baking soda for cleaning. I just dump the impeller and other stuff in it and it comes out clean. For front cover I’ve only ever used a damp cloth. I guess I’m just a maintenance maniac and clean more often than I should.

Honestly your approach seems awesome!! I am some what of a clean freak, but for sure could be better !!! LOL!!!

@braca19452f9m what is your formula for the baking soda solution? Right now I am using 1:1 concentrated Simple Green and water. Works well enough but not sparkly new looking without some elbow grease using an OXO grout brush.

I’m going to need to do cleaning soon so would like to try the baking soda route. :slight_smile:

Well, I might disappoint you a bit there. I don’t have an exact formula since you can’t really damage your equipment with baking soda, while the same is not true for cafiza. I just put some in. The important thing is to put it inside boiling water. I’ve tried with a 60°C (140°F) water, but didn’t clean a thing. I was jealous of the Aillio tutorial video and was wondering how do they do it. Turns out they were using hotter water. You should also remove your pot, or whatever it is, from the heat source before adding the baking soda, otherwise you’ll be cleaning more than just the Bullet parts. Now, I don’t really know if it’s efficient for extreme buildups, but I’ve had success with it. Just dropping the impeller and the chaff filter in will usually suffice for me. I guess a longer soak for more dirt might be advisable, or maybe multiple soaks while changing the water inbetween. The important thing, which I’m repeating here, is that you can’t damage your Bullet with baking soda. Aillio says so in their video.

So hard to say… I guess to each his or her own… LOL! Be nice if Aillio came up with a sure fire way… :))). all I know is clean is good!!!

Yea… my use of Simple Green was based on an email exchange with Julio at Sweet Maria’s about the ratio for cleaning so I’ve been sticking with that with all the deep cleaning (it’s been 3 times already).

Yeah Julio is awesome! Stick with what works is what I say :slight_smile: and keep it clean :))). Happy Holidays everyone!

Yeah, that about sums it up. Using any detergent will require a precise ratio because there’s chemicals in it. Baking soda doesn’t. It will be sufficient to not put that much in that it stops being a liquid. :smiley:

@eric.TGBe Of course. And Happy Holidays to you too.

Baking soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) is actually not all that soluble in water, so it doesn’t take all that much before you have a saturated solution and can’t make it any stronger. At 20°C it is 96 grams/liter.

I typically use washing up liquid and hot water for the impeller and the chaff filter. If things are particularly burnt on on other bits, I hit it with some Windex or other ammonia-bearing spray cleaner and rinse (or mop) quite thoroughly with clean water. I suppose if your tap water has a high mineral content (mine doesn’t) it would be best to rinse with distilled water.

After a deep clean, I run the roaster through a preheat cycle and cool down at max fan to make sure any ammonia is well volatilized. so that it doesn’t flavor the next roast.


Well, I’m kind of a food safe guy, but to each their own. I’m also selling the coffee and wouldn’t really want to explain anything to a health inspector. By the way, Urnex does make roaster cleaning products, but I don’t know if they’re any good for the Bullet. In Europe the spray goes for 44,29 € / l and soaking powder for 35,28 € / kg.

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