Does everyone know about Cafiza? Just checking

Cafiza is so great at cleaning the removable parts of the Bullet that I thought I’d post about it in case anyone isn’t aware of this product, or other Espresso machine cleaners. It just takes 30 second of soaking and maybe a little agitation with a detail brush to make these parts look new again.


People should be very careful with the aluminum pieces. The Cafiza can destroy the fan if it is left in the solution too long.

The stainless steel filter basket is impervious to Cafiza

I love how well Cafiza cleans.

Oh yeah, and it will remove the painted on lettering from your glass measuring cup. (A friend told me. :wink: :wink:)


I use it too for the filter basket, but use baking soda for the fan impeller, as cafiza will dissolve it.


Do the Cafiza caveats also apply to Urnex Tabz F61? Tabz are also magical on coffee residue.

Tabz active ingredients are are sodium carbonate and sodium percarbonate. The latter is the active ingredient in Cafiza.

I let my squirrel cage have a quick dip in a Cafiza solution when I clean my Bullet but would never let it hang out in a Cafiza bath. I’d think the same goes for Tabz. I mainly use Tabz to clean my filter basket and carafe on the Technivorm.


The dishwasher seems to work well for both for me.

Hot water with baking soda and an old tooth brush makes for quick cleaning as well.


IRRC, Thompson at Maria’s said he uses Tabz on the fan impeller in one of their videos.