Door handle extension hack

I extended the door handle by 2 1/2 inches.

I used some high temp RTV to glue the magnets the bean inlet chute to hold the door open.

The extended door handle does not interfere with the trier.

I ordered some M5 x 250mm threaded rod from Amazon

and some aluminum tubing


i cut the tubing to ~2 1/2 inches long

I cut the M5 threaded rod to 3 1/8 long (with a hacksaw)


Screw one end of the threaded rod into the door being careful the the end does not protrude where it might make contact with the drum

Slide on the nylon washer

Slide on the aluminum tube

Screw on the handle

Double check that the threaded rod will not rub against the drum.

By having the handle extended like this, there is more leverage to hold the door closed when it is in the down postition and the magnets have no problem holding the door open while in the up position and dropping the roasted beans.

I didn’t come up with this idea. I saw it somewhere else. (Probably Facebook)
I really like it.


I did something similar. Really does a better job of keeping the door shut vs the stock handle. Wouldn’t be necessary if the handle was made of depleted uranium instead of steel. :grinning:

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I seem to recall someone else here posting a pic of their setup that showed something similar…

But @billc you just made my Amazon shopping list longer! $$$ :laughing:

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Yeah, I spend a lot of time looking for older posts, trying to remember what I saw and where I saw it. So, I decided to dedicate a thread to just his hack. Recently someone was trying to find a way to keep the door handle cool, now maybe this idea will be easier to find.

Yeah, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: funny about that huh? Wait until I find a source for the depeleted uranium…On the other hand, depleted uranium is not magnetic.


I’ve tried 2 different adhesives rated for high temperatures but both failed towards the end of the first roast. The most recent attempt was with Permatex high heat epoxy. What brand adhesives work?

I used a high temp RTV rated for 650F and haven’t had any problems

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Thanks for the info. Here’s hoping 3rd time’s a charm!