Driver Install Issues - Prompt Hangs - Corrupt Sound File "The Bullet is Re<SCREECH>"

Hello, and thank you for reading this message.

I have a problem updating various softwares on my Bullet. The “Driver Download and Install” hangs on the Command Prompt pictures below.

I have left the Command Prompt for as much as an hour and found it still hung. The executable file is aillio_driver_update.exe. The text in the prompt window is:
Extracting driver files…
Installing driver(s)…

From the first time I have encountered this issue, the Bullet’s recording of “The Bullet is Ready” has been corrupted so that it ends with a horrifying screech. Otherwise, everything seems to work perfectly.

Is there anything I can do?

I am using RoasTime 3.4.0, Firmware Version 605.

I would especially like to be rid of the screech.

Hi @ekpppfigg,

You’ll need to contact [email protected] for help with fixing the corrupted sound and they can assist with the driver install at the same time.

RT3.4.1 has an issue with d/l’ing drivers. Typically you would need to install RT2.5.x to do the d/l then revert to RT3. The driver d/l issue is resolved (? at least for my Win10/11 installation) in RT4. You may have some reason to continue with RT3 but for my purposes the move to RT4 has been a success. If you need to stay with RT3 then the advise from @jeffaillio is the way to go.


Thank you. I have contacted support and received a confirmation. I will await further instruction.

Aillio support sent me a sound file update executable. The sound files should work correctly now. The first on “The Bullet is now ready” definitely does.

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