Drum Overloads/Stops

I’ve been using my R1 for about 8 months now, and have recently had issues with the drum coming to a grinding slowdown when the load is around 1.5 lbs or more. I’ve roasted 2lbs many times in the past, but I can no longer get things to cooperate. Once the grinding sounds comes and the drum slows to a crawl, I am forced to unload the drum and put in the beans again midroast. This most frequently occurs during charge, but lately happens at any time. I’ve pulled the drum forward as best I can, and also made sure it is seated correctly.

Has anyone else experienced this, and if so what do I need to look at to resolve it?

It sounds like the motor pulley has loosened. Try tightening it according to the instructions in the user’s manual, probably page 20: Bullet R1 Manual - Google Docs

Thanks @YasBean, will give that a try this weekend and report back.

Did it work for u?

I followed the instructions, and tightened the belt as suggested. Roasted back to back 2lb roasts today with zero issues. The drum seems smoother/quieter now than it has been since I got it.