End IBTS temperature doesn't match

In Roast World - Cup, grade, and analyze your coffee roasts in depth
the summary shows an end temperature of 211.43 C, but in the plot I see a final temperature of 213.4 at 13:11 when I ended the roast.

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Yes I have also seen this but I think it has to do with dropping the the beans very quickly after ending the roast and it measures a few degrees cooler and then stops measuring.
Check your graph, does it have a sudden dip for a fraction of a second right at the end?

See my example here

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I see this quite often with my roasts in both RT and RW. I since we only have two hands the act of trying to press the PRS, open the drop door and securing it with the trier really needs 3 hands :laughing:

I don’t see the problem in your roast.
I have seen the dip, so I’ve been pressing the PRS button then waiting a couple seconds to dump, but it’s still not reliable. Here is my last roast:

End temp is logged at 199 C, but should be 202. No visible dip.

This is annoying because I like to look at the summary screen of recent roasts when I decide on an end temperature.

Same issue here

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Interesting that yours show the end at the top to be lower than at the right. Mine typically is higher at the top compared to the right.

Interesting, also, that the bean probe temp on the right is way TF off.

IBTS temp on the right seems to correspond well with the graph.


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I raised a similar post back last year and didn’t exactly get a satisfactory answer but then there has been significant changes to the back end of RW and looks like it’s still a bit of an issue. I checked my last two roasts on RW and one of them the reading on the top pretty much matches the IBTS reading on the right for end of roast, but the other one is off.

When i move the cursor back & forth across the end of the roast i get a range of about 4 different values. Usually one of those values matches the tabular data for End/IBTS. I stop moving the mouse when the values match cuz it makes me feel better than having them not matched. Sometimes (10%?) the matching game doesn’t work and I have to settle for a value that’s close. I suspect the issue has to do with the resolution of tthe time tags but… ??


Tent found a bug in the graphing library we use and share between RW and RT.
We are working on a fix.