ErC 0004

During the preheating stage the roaster starts to beep and display ErC 0004. The manual says this means there is an error with Ambient temperature. I was roasting in a garage in 60 degree weather. Any ideas on troubleshooting this problem and fixing it?

We would let the roaster cool and it would stop beeping. Then we would preheat it again and it would seem good. I dropped in a roast and it ran perfectly. Then the second roast readings were terribly inconsistent. The ROR was choppy and all over the place. It would shoot real high and drop real low. During our preheating for the third roast it triggered the ErC 0004 again. So we cooled it all the way down and shut it off for the night. It seems to be overheating. We are going to do some routine maintenance this morning.

Anyone experience a similar issue???
Thanks for your time!


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Doesn’t in any way sound normal with a room ambient of 60°F (“Ambient” in the manual refers to the temp measured on one of the boards in the Bullet, not the room). You probably need to open a Trouble Ticket with - click the Contact icon and the message form is there. They can guide the trouble shooting process & get your supplier to get parts on the way. They will probably want a screen shot or a roast profile that shows what Bean Temp & P-RoR are doing.


I think your bean probe might be faulty. If you connect to RoasTime and send a screenshot to [email protected] they can get you a new probe.

Hi Sam,
I have just been struggling with this, cannot season my brand new machine…
Did you find a solution, did changing a sensor make the diffference?
Please let me know what you discovered solved the problem.

You need to start a trouble ticket with Aillio → Contact as described in the post above from @jacob . Support will help you troubleshoot the problem via e-Mail (they’re in Taiwan) so you can get parts on the way from your supplier.


I thought I should report back about the cause of my 0004 error.
The Aillio factory had placed the tiny IBTS fan the wrong way round, so it was sucking hot air FROM the drum instead of cool air towards the sensor/drum… they are amazed that this should happen as they do careful tests when the item leaves the factory… but this one obviously wasn’t tested properly!

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Same over here…
No graph, because I was preheating for the first seasoning run…
Made a ticket.
Hmmm… They say in the leaflet in the shipping box not to open the Bullet until they ask you to do that…
I also do not know whether ErC 4 is the same as ErC 0004…

The fan was also mounted backwards!
Hope the electronics aren’t fried…


Wow, there seems to be a quality control problem in the factory!
When I corresponded with the chaps in Denmark they were unapologetic, and were even suggesting I had opened the Bullet and turned the fan around (which is absurd as I had only JUST got the machine and was terrified of having to trouble shoot it myself).
Anyhow, I hope they are going to sort that out as it doesn’t look good from the point of view of someone wanting to buy a quality coffee roaster.

Just to add to the list, my fan wasn’t mounted backwards but it was put in too tight, when I received the bullet a month or so ago, it was making a very high pitch noise from the control panel, after three season roasts and then a power down, the next day the machine would not boot up as it went into a 0004 error loop, to fix this I had to loosen the ibts fan screws by half a turn each, the high pitch noise is gone and I’ve managed to put quite a few roasts through without the error since.

Whoever is installing the ibts fans needs more training :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately someone at the assembly line did not follow the instructions given… Eventhough we do extensive testing and heat cycling before shipping, the IBTS fans mounted in reverse were not caught and shipped out. We are currently reviewing a new version of our testing software at the factory which should find these problems - a long with better instructions to the factory.


Sorry if they came across that way. I think they were a bit skeptical because it should not be possible to turn it upside down. It was the first time we encountered that issue.


No probs @jacob
At least now I know how to clean my sensor for next time it needs a cleaning :wink:

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Cheers :grinning:

Im having this issue but I dont have the new IBTS sensor. Any advice? I tried opening up a support ticket but the ticket doesn’t send once I upload Pics ect. I also have checked and cleaned the IR sensor and that was clean and normal. Only change since it last worked was the updated Roasttime.

Your roaster is overheating. This could be for a number of reasons. When this has happened to me I don’t let the temperature get above 225 dgrees celsius. If I maintain that temperature everything works fine. It’s also likely your IR Sensor is not getting a clear reading of the temperature. You need to take the front panel off and clean the IR Sensor Glass… Clean it with the proper techniques or you will damage it and have to buy a new one. Buying a new one is no bueno because they don’t make the glass anymore. That little piece can be hard to replace.


Hello. How did you solve the problem? I have the sam, and I think its completely the same problem¡¡

I had the same error pop up this morning, and the same cause of the IR fan being backwards…

…only I had just swapped out my IR fan yesterday so I was the one who put it in backwards. :rofl:

For anyone replacing/examining the IR fan yourself, there is no flow direction indicated on these fans – the green sticker should face INTO the roaster body.

I just came across the same Error and as far as I concern, it happened because I turned off the roaster right after roasting 2 batches and I was leaving the place for a while. Then I got back sooner than expected and tried to continue roasting, And that’s when the Error 0004 came out after turning it back on. So I think you MUST always leave the roaster ON until it cools down itself as the fans keep rolling for a while cooling the sensors. I learned my lesson and I will never shut it down again until the Drum and fan stop turning while the roaster is ON,

Yeah you should never ever do that. It can damage the IBTS sensor and the coil to the induction etc. Always let it properly cool down.

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