ErC 0004

During the preheating stage the roaster starts to beep and display ErC 0004. The manual says this means there is an error with Ambient temperature. I was roasting in a garage in 60 degree weather. Any ideas on troubleshooting this problem and fixing it?

We would let the roaster cool and it would stop beeping. Then we would preheat it again and it would seem good. I dropped in a roast and it ran perfectly. Then the second roast readings were terribly inconsistent. The ROR was choppy and all over the place. It would shoot real high and drop real low. During our preheating for the third roast it triggered the ErC 0004 again. So we cooled it all the way down and shut it off for the night. It seems to be overheating. We are going to do some routine maintenance this morning.

Anyone experience a similar issue???
Thanks for your time!


Doesn’t in any way sound normal with a room ambient of 60°F (“Ambient” in the manual refers to the temp measured on one of the boards in the Bullet, not the room). You probably need to open a Trouble Ticket with - click the Contact icon and the message form is there. They can guide the trouble shooting process & get your supplier to get parts on the way. They will probably want a screen shot or a roast profile that shows what Bean Temp & P-RoR are doing.


I think your bean probe might be faulty. If you connect to RoasTime and send a screenshot to they can get you a new probe.