ErC 6864


Sorry… haven’t been able to keep track of f/w releases. I scanned back thru roasts where I (inconsistently) keep note which s/w & f/w I used for the roast. I’m sure the error detection preceded 540 and I think it preceded 538 (11/2019?), but the delay was part of f/w 538. It’s been awhile. The post from @jacob related to ErC 6864 (Message #2 above) says…

If you’ve gotten this error, you probably need to start the dialog to get a replacement fan on its way. Takes time to get it and to get yourself informed enough to tackle the installation.



I got the fan within a week of letting Sweet Maria’s know I had a problem.

Replaced it easily, got it up and running, and no more 6864!

Great support from those guys.

Thanks for the tip, Bruce!



Good news Dan!