ErC 6864

Thx Bruce

I’ve got the replacement from Aillio, I’ve installed it and is now working well. BTW, you mention about info data, can you show me to find it.


Info is in a tiny pop-up panel that has 2 pages. It’s visible in RT3 on the Roast page (only). Check the upper right corner for a tiny icon- a circled “i”. Click that and the little Info panel will pop up. If you feel the need, you can drag it someplace away from where the major roast activity is displayed.

The 2nd page is accessible by clicking Logs on the header of the Info pop-up. If your roaster has thrown any codes, the data is displayed there. Assuming an internet connection, any data displayed there has been sent to the Aillio server. There’s an option to copy the data to your clipboard.

You don’t need to be connected to the roaster to see the Info (& Logs) panel, but all the data displayed there originates from the roaster. So without the roaster connected (as in this screenshot) all you’ll see on the Info page is a list of the data labels but the entries will be zero (Info) or just a blank page for Logs.