Err 0000 and 0001 at startup


Hi there.

Upon Plugging in my roaster today, the machine turned on, and received on start up, Err 0000, and 0001 alternating. Nothing has changed, and upon following the advice of the manual, I pulled off the faceplate and checked the connections, however all connections were intact. I reassembled the faceplate and I am recieving the same error.

The cooling fan and the induction fan 2 are both running but nothing is happening otherwise.

Any advice?


You’ll have to search here a bit to confirm, but as I recall others that have had this ErC combo were told there was a problem with the power board. Do you have the new power board, i.e. a V2 Bullet? There may be some infant mortality with the first build of those boards.

Best bet is to fill out a trouble ticket with Aillio [ -> Support]; or just contact the supplier of your roaster since they’ll have to get involved at some point.



Hi Hofmann,My baking machine has the same problem as yours . How did you solve it in the end ?