V2 Induction Board: ErC 256/512/480


Over the past few months, we have seen some V2 induction boards fail. The cases have been few and far between, so at first we didn’t see a pattern. But over time, as we saw a few more examples, we realized it was something we needed to address.

When an affected board fails, it will display the errors 256, 512, and/or 480 and the Bullet will no longer heat up. These errors normally indicate voltage problems, but this was clearly something new, so we began an investigation in mid-October.

We now believe the issue stems from being supplied with incorrect documentation on some key components we use in our design. Because of this, during the board’s initial programming at the factory, it is temporarily vulnerable to damage.

Key Points:

** There is absolutely no impact on safety.

** The fail rate is below 3%, but to us, this is unacceptably high, which is why we are announcing it.

** There is no impact on performance. All boards function normally – except of course if one fails, in which case it’s obviously not going to perform very well. :wink:

** If a board fails it will no longer heat up and it will produce 256, 512, and/or 480 error codes on the display. (Keep in mind, these codes can indicate a different issue entirely, so we will still need to rule out other possibilities.)

** It’s not possible to test whether a specific Bullet is affected.

** We are extending the warranty of boards for this specific failure by 1 extra year, to compensate users for their potential trouble. If any V2 Bullet is affected by this issue, a replacement V2 induction module will be provided.

** We have already designed modifications that are currently being tested and which should prevent the damage from occurring in the future.

If you are seeing 256/512/480 errors, please contact your local distributor or if you ordered direct from us, contact support@aillio.com

Resolving this issue will lead to some delays in future shipments, though we don’t expect it to affect many who have recently placed orders.

If you have any questions, send a mail to support@aillio.com and we will be happy to answer you.