Error 256 on my V2

Hello I have a problem today with error 256 constantly which never happened to me before. I have the beta 606 on my V2 and in info net voltage shows 216-220 something.

Can someone help me check my logs? Is it possible I need new control board?

I use the one socket as usually and nothing else is on except for external venting.

I steered the roast from filter towards espresso so I hope I didnt waste it, but I need help here.

Thank you for any help.


Hi Michal,

I checked your logs and it looks like the communication between the induction board and the control board is not working as it should.
Did you recently clean your bullet?
If you can, please check the connectors on the induction board and on the control board.

Hi Jacob, yes I did right before roasting i took off faceplate to clean the lens, so that will be most probably it, thank you very much! I will check and let you know.

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Hi Jacob, I took the control panel apart and made sure the wiring is not pinched or somehow crooked and put it back and since then I no longer have the problem, so that must have been it - although i reaĺy dont know how could the wires get pinched while I only took off the faceplate to clean the lens.

All the best and thanks for the suggestion

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So I cleaned the lens once again (did so several times since my last post without problem) and this whole connection problem is happening again and is giving me the error during preheating. So I am going to cool down the bullet and check the wiring again but this is getting really frustrating. Wish this machine was more depandable.

When you clean it are you pulling on the cable? Is it coming out of the connector?