Error code A-01 - how to stop the beeping

I’m getting the error code A-01 again which I think means I need my 3rd exhaust fan. This is happening after I finish my second back to back roast and start the cool down process (I’m not sure if it would happen if I only did 1 batch). Does anyone know of a way to stop the beeping? I’m waiting for the Bullet to cool off and it’s beeping loudly every 10 seconds or so and it’s driving me crazy.

Is the exhaust fan somehow blocked - being prevented from spinning?
From the manual:

I’m having the exact same issue. I contacted Aillio and they had me make sure nothing was blocking things. It’s still happening and I reached out again today. I’ll let you know their reply.

I had this same problem on 8/10/2023…I just now have time to begin troubleshooting. My A-01 also happened at the cooldown after the 2nd roast. I removed the chaff collector, made sure no blockages, then momentarily put the roaster back into roast mode to see if the fan impeller was spinning…it was spinning until the error code/beep began, and then the fan stopped. I repeated this two more times, and then went back to cooldown, using an external fan to aid cooling.

Have you resolved your problem?

V1.5, Beta 602, RT 4.3.2: Client 1.79.0, Proxy 1.31.0, Comm 1.10.54

I contacted Sweet Maria’s and they recommended cleaning the mesh filter and the exhaust fan, which I just did yesterday. I should roast again soon and I should know if that fixes the issue.

Thanks for update. Hope that works. I last cleaned the fan, basket, and everything else 12 roasts ago.

Here’s what I just did today:

  • recalibrated the Fan (with the chaff collector off)
  • Once completed several minutes later, reinstalled the chaff collector
  • then ran a mock roast using the PRS button to skip over pre-heat, and then set roast heat to P0.
  • opened the Info window and checked the Blower speed reading as I changed to each F setting, and recorded them
  • all of the speeds were within +/-10% of the speeds shown in the online manual (all were close to 10% faster than that shown).

Next step is to try roasting back to back and see what happens.

I had this problem in July 2021 after 242 roasts, and bought a new blower fan (my Bullet is out of warranty) but the problem cleared on its own, so still have that fan motor as a back-up.

This new problem occurred after Roast #455.

In case this matters, in my case I always roast back to back a 454g batch and this only happens when ending the second roast. Would this happen if I only did 1 roast? I’m not sure. Is this due to the size of the batch? I don’t know.

95+% of my roasts have been 454 grams, never to 2nd crack (but close sometimes) except for the seasoning roasts.

I clean out the chaff collector after every session, and sometimes after each roast if heavy chaff. I usually do two BAC roasts, sometimes 3, and infrequently 4.

So, I don’t think I’m a heavy user, but do understand that roaster parts may get buggy or wear out.

I may not get a chance to do my next “test” roasts until Tuesday.

Just thought I’d post an update on my A-01…after recalibrating the fan last Sunday, I had my first chance to test a roast today…did 3 back to back roasts with no problem.

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Good to hear!

I had constant A-01 alarms. Did everything thinkable, fan calibration, cleaning , checked nothing was blocked, etc. After some back and forth emails with Aillio, they said they did not know why I was having an issue. They suggested I use Stable V605 firmware (I was using beta). I have done numerous roasts and have not had any issues. Hope this helps.

if you are in roasting mode and you select F1 what are your RPMs now?

555 rpm’s

No luck for me yet. I cleaned the impeller and the chaff collector and did a back to back with 454g each and had no issues. I just tried the same today and the A-01 error hit right as the 2nd batch started. Even worse the exhaust fan would totally stop. It would only start up if I adjusted fan speed and then it would beep and stop again after 10 seconds. I had to quit the roast because it was clearly getting too hot and not blowing enough. I did not know about checking RPMs so I might try that next. But since everything is clean I’m not sure what else to do.