Long brush for cleaning the air transfer tube and bean chute

I’d been looking for a long soft-bristle brush to clean the upper air exhaust tube that runs from the bean transfer chute on the front of the roaster to the chaff collector on the back. It took a while to find one so thought I’d post it for others.

  • The nylon bristles are a bit stiffer than a tooth-brush
  • The diameter is just a bit larger than the tube so simultaneously brushes both upper and lower surfaces
  • It’s length is long enough to reach from one end to the other

The brush is $8.49 on Amazon here.

Cheers. Michael


Bless you Michael. I just bought a couple :slight_smile:

Thank, Michael!

And I think you’re single handedly responsible for jacking the price up a buck and a half on amazon! Nobody can accuse the marketplace of not being responsive.


Similar idea is a coffee pot brush straightened out:

I’ve been looking for a brush for a long time now (not very diligently). Thanks for posting this!

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I use a bottle cleaning brush for that. It reaches all the way and is cheaper than that one.

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Excellent. Link please. Michael

Amazon.com : bottle cleaning brush

Here, take your pick. There are 7 pages.

I have one like the coffee pot brush that I bought from Sweet Marias but the brush keeps pulling out of the plastic handle. They replaced it but the new one does the same thing.

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I’ve used this one from Amazon for quite a while now and never had a problem. It is long enough to do the whole length. Maybe try the one I linked or other alternatives posted in this thread.