Exhaust hood options

Have you had much luck with the AC Infinity filter box removing smoke? I’m in the process of setting mine up! Curious to know how long your MERV filter lasts. Thanks!

I am so sorry for the delay! I saw the reply but then got distracted. For three days.

I honestly can’t tell you how much smoke is removed. I am down in my basement and I can’t get upstairs and outside safely to visualize what’s actually coming out.

I can tell you that it smells like someone was grilling, except roasting coffee, when I go outside to replace the window well cover.

I didn’t like how the hose clamps were load bearing. So I made a thing.

Wonder if you might direct the exhaust pipe up and extend it out of the well and put a rain cap on it. Then put a rain tight roof flashing in the well cover. That way the smoke is guaranteed not to wend its way back in, and you don’t have to go outside (in the rain!) to remove and reinstall the rain cover for the well when you roast.


Hi, new here! I am researching venting advice, and I see your auto-stir device on the cooling bowl. I was about to purchase that same one. Does it do the job?

It works great.

There is more information about the auto-stir device in this thread:

Including links to the stirrer and the optional wire stir pieces.

The credit goes to @billc for sharing that… see the thread he responded with :slight_smile:

Credit to @billc of course.

I love the stirrer. I can’t go back to doing it by hand… like a mere mortal.

LOL, but the truth is the truth…

This is my setup