External ventilation options

I am new to the roasting world. I have been roasting coffee with a hot air popcorn maker for the past 5 years. I recently purchased a Bullet R1 and am struggling with finding any suggestions on how to ventilate the roaster to the outside. I have the 3D printed adapter and am looking for an effective safe way to ventilate the roaster. Anyone have any success stories or tips they would like to share? Thanks!

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I am using the stove hood fan. I would love to get the adapter so I wouldn’t have to lift the roaster on to the stove. Suggestions on where to get the adapter made?

I got the adapter printed from a nearby library. It only cost me $5!

I feel like I vented it pretty well. I used Class B venting pipe and made sure to use a wall thimble for added protection.

Wow…any chance you could post which library and if they would do it for a person in Los Angeles?

If you happen to be on Facebook, there are lots of great venting examples there: Aillio Bullet R1 User Group | Facebook

Not a great picture, but I have mine vented outside using dryer duct and an inline fan attached.

I also have a behmor, and I can move the dryer duct over to that machine’s exhaust when I’m roasting on it.

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I would have to assume there is a 3D printer at a library in Los Angeles. The library I found was just outside of Indianapolis, but I had to pick it up in person.

Thanks for the response and info. I don’t think LA has that in its libraries but I’m going to check. Happy smoke free roasting.

Yup, you guys are way ahead of LA Libraries. Congratulations.

I’m also in LA and wondering the same thing. If you google “3d printing services in los angeles” there seem to be plenty of options where you can send them the file and pick up the piece.

I found that attaching the vent directly to the roaster seemed to negatively affect roasting temps (too much airflow?) so I don’t have an airtight setup.

Instead, I have positioned a piece of semi-rigid ducting a few inches above the exhaust port on the Bullet. This feeds to my inline fan which pushes all the smoke out a nearby basement window. I made a custom “box” to fit the ducting into the window opening, and I have resorted to some thick foam insulation to seal off the entire window so it doesn’t leak cold air in the winter.

During most roasting sessions, I still have a pretty noticeable roasting smell in the room, but really no smoke at all since it’s being picked up by my inline fan.


I agree with “mttjhn”, I have a 3d printer and printed the adapter in ABS and was quite disappointed with the fit as it does not lock in to the roaster. My solution is very similar and I have added an Air Mover to the 4 inch ducting and a mixing bowl with the bottom cut out to accept flange. I use the air mover on its lowest setting and the results are spectacular. Remember exhausting this unit is extremely important as i believe carbon monoxide is present in the roasting process. You can find the air mover at a hydroponics store or amazon. My tubing is 4 inch dryer duct with the use of two flanges for the pick up side and the exhaust side that was mounted to a board and the window is then closed upon it. Adapting directly to the roaster can and will create issues with roasting temp regardless of the presence of an air mover in line. My two cents worth.


I use my homebrewing rig as my roasting station as well. I connect it to my dryer outlet through the window when roasting/brewing. For roasting I use a speed control on my inline fan set at the lowest speed, venting does not require a lot of air movement and as mentioned earlier too much can negatively affect the roast.



Here is my final setup. Seems to be working great. I haven’t had any issues with airflow, yet. I still need to finish painting the wall, but that is beside the point.


If you need something portable. Put everything on a cart with flexible duct. It works well in the garage

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Hi Guys,

I’m wondering if someone can tell me if its smart, or not to use the home venting system for the garage (seperated pipe) to get rid of the smoke.
See ECOVE - Duurzaam en energiezuinig ventilatiesysteem for a picture.

Help is much appriciated.

Regards Boon

I have never vented anything prior to this. I just read and asked a lot of questions. It works amazing. I suggest ac infinity cloud line fans that are speed controllable. Not only do I have amazing venting but my beans are cold in under two minutes



Your downstairs neighbors will appreciate that collection bag… well done! Are you collecting exhaust from the cooling tray as well? I think I see some flex hose underneath the roaster.

And a really nice bean-dump chute!! Very nice.


I just tried converting from garage to indoor roasting. I got a portable vent to place in the window. I still can smell the roast in the room. Unless I can get the smell out, I will have to go back to the garage. Are you able to successfully roast indoors without significant exhaust fumes indoors?

Very elegant and optically appealing.