Face plate bolt size? Thumb screws?

I’m considering replacing the bolts on the face of the roaster with equivalent sized wing nut or thumb screw versions to make it a little easier to get in and clean the IBTS. Anyone else try this? I am not near my bullet at the moment. From memory I’d guess they’re M4 bolts? Maybe 12mm long?

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Do some searches here. I recall someone had thumbscrews they found somewhere (or they fab’ed them) and had photos of the mod. 2018 maybe… ?? It was before my arrival in Jan 2019.


Edit- Found it here:

No additional info.

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I was looking to do the same thing. I got out my spare parts of TV hanging hardware which has a multitude of “M” bolts. The M5 is the one that fits. Looking at the Aillio website, it is showing the spare parts that come with it (although mine didn’t come with the spare bolts).

The kit includes:

  • Full screwdriver and hexdriver sets for the Bullet R1

  • 1 USB cable and 2 extra USB Lights

  • 1 Bean Chute Plug + 2 Cooling Tray Filters

  • A screw pack with: 2 M5 x 12mm, 4 M4 x 6mm, 2 M3 x 8mm, and a set screw for the handle.

I’m only assuming it is the M5X12 that it list as the correct bolt. My measuring of the faceplate screws was showing 10mm long, but that is with a crusty old tape measure, so it could easily be 12mm.

I went ahead and ordered these to see if they will work…

I’ll report back when they come in.

Mike T.

Thumb screws are standard enough and McMaster has dozens of styles to choose from, including plenty of stainless options.

I suppose Amazon will have some options that would work too. Personally, I don’t think this makes removing the fasteners significantly easier. It saves the time of getting the tool out, but that’s about it. If you have a decent ball driver (or the driver that comes in the Aillio toolkit), it’s probably faster turning the screws with that than a thumbscrew.

Yeah, really like that little toolkit BTW! Struggling to keep it for “roaster-only” use.

@mtreadwell did these thumb screws work?