Fan Calibration result P4d

I just finally updated to the latest firmware - 540 - and I see that number when I plug it in (even though when I look at the Info window in roasting it say firmware 475?)

I then just ran the fan calibration and it beeped showing P4d instead of P8d and to the left it say bL 6 and not bL 016.

Is everything ok?

If you’ve updated f/w and Info still says it’s the prior f/w, you probably need to cycle the power again and restart RT. I’ve had to cycle power, disconnect/reconnect USB and restart RT as many as 3 times to get Info updated. There must be an order to doing the restart after f/w update that I’ve missed or possibly I don’t leave the power off long enough… dunno.


Cycled again and all seems to be working. In any case it will not recalibrate again.

I vaguely recall something about re-running the calibration… back in May last year? Tried to find what I thought I remembered but no joy. Try searching for a fan calibration post from @jacob - I think that’s probably who would have talked about it.


Is this the post you were recalling?


I am having the same issue. Did you ever get it to P8d + bL 6?

Certainly this was the subject but I don’t think this was it. I recall something related to re-running fan calibration. It may have been in a different thread and @jacob added the note I have in mind.