First crack help?!?!?!?

When I roast 500 Grams at Drum speed 6 or 7 I hear FC no problem, at Drum Speed 9, I cannot hear FC is this normal?

First crack can be difficult to hear. Some beans it is more clearly heard and some not so much. I don’t use that low drum speed for long enough to reach FC at that speed so I can’t tell you if there is a difference between hearing it at D6/D7 vs. D8/D9 for the same bean. Second crack can also be difficult to hear if FC is difficult to hear for the particular bean.

Here is a thread discussing all sort of hacks for better hearing FC.


Interesting… What I failed to say, was that this happens a D9 with 750 Grams of Green… seems I can make it out no issue, with 500 grams as the drum speed is less. Maybe its time to invest in a stethoscope. LOL :)))

I use one of the hacks of silicone tubing in bean sample port. Fits very snuggly. It then has a small microphone inserted in other end of tubing. Mic plugs into my laptop and I play mic through laptop speakers.

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Normally how loud FC is is depended on how strong the heat was applied to the bean from when you charged it until FC. if you have a 7-8 minute roast to crack it would be louder compared to a 11-12 minute charge to FC. Hope I helps.

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