Following Roast Fellows

@jacob @aillio can the RoastWorld developers pls consider a function in here where we can follow our favourite roasters, both in RW and RT3?
Also, can you add a function where a User can extend editing rights to another user to modify their roast profiles?



We do have user follows on our backlog. However, we’re focusing a bit on ironing out some support specific features to assist our support team.

I will see if I can find sometime this week from our current tasks to put some work towards getting follows working again.

In terms of allowing other users to edit your roast, I can write this down and bring this up in our next meeting.

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A roast profile is a historical record of a completed roast. Not sure it makes sense for a 2nd party to modify that record. Perhaps a means of attaching a note/comment?


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@bab you’re right about the profile.
What about having a pen function to annotate the curve - as if it were on a whiteboard? Like a visual discussion.
Say I give you write access to my roast profile, then together we can write notes on it and it gets saved as a notated version - doesn’t affect the original?
As a newbie roaster, I’m learning a lot from everyone’s comments on profiles and settings: seeing this drawn might be easier to understand.

Are you picturing something like a clear overlay to draw on that can be seen or not? That sounds appealing. You can currently do a screenshot + edit which is similar in intent but (at least in Win10) cumbersome at best!


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Hey guys,

Being able to annotate roast profiles sounds like an interesting idea. However, I’m not sure how difficult this might be to implement on our end.

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@bab yes, that’s it. Us newbies would benefit to have fellows drawing on our curves to better describe what’s going on.
Maybe needs a poll?

Ability to draw on a roast curve?
  • Yes, that would be useful.
  • Maybe, not sure of its benefit to me.
  • No, that’s a stupid idea!

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Hey @scottwaugh, unfortunately, this isn’t something that’s our roadmap right now. One of the main issues I see with this is that drawing/writing with a mouse is difficult (a tablet/iPad might work but not every user have these devices) and the user experience would vary greatly from user-to-user.

I kinda feel bad now that I voted. It’s not stupid, but it’s not Yes or Maybe.
There are tons of applications out there to annotate images or share ideas on a whiteboard. Probably not the best use of time for the RW team to develop a tool to replicate that.

Message received.

@derrxb any update on the “user follow” feature in RW? Just wondering… :wink:

Thanks for following up on this! Yes, this is on our timeline for this round of features/updates.

We’re bringing this back and it should be done within this month.

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@derrxb hello Derrick, could you add a date stamp onto the curve page. I print my profiles to annotate with notes for next roast and cupping notes. A print-to-pdf option would also be useful. Thanks

Don’t know if/when they can get to that. In the interim I’ll mention I include the roast date in the title, e.g. “ | COUNTRY Bean Name -> Dk (440°F/6F°/xS)”. I put that together as part of the Comments entry just after charging the roaster (Dk = Dark- the roast color at the end which I can adjust in an edit; the first number is the IBTS value when I end the roast; the second number is B-RoR at the end; xS is the number of seconds into 2C if I take it that far). And an example:


ps- Hey @derrxb - I tried to “Get link” but the message editor didn’t like what I got:

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Thanks Bruce @bab, that’s a good idea. I’ll add more details to my roast titles also.