Following Roast Fellows

@jacob @aillio can the RoastWorld developers pls consider a function in here where we can follow our favourite roasters, both in RW and RT3?
Also, can you add a function where a User can extend editing rights to another user to modify their roast profiles?



We do have user follows on our backlog. However, we’re focusing a bit on ironing out some support specific features to assist our support team.

I will see if I can find sometime this week from our current tasks to put some work towards getting follows working again.

In terms of allowing other users to edit your roast, I can write this down and bring this up in our next meeting.

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A roast profile is a historical record of a completed roast. Not sure it makes sense for a 2nd party to modify that record. Perhaps a means of attaching a note/comment?



@bab you’re right about the profile.
What about having a pen function to annotate the curve - as if it were on a whiteboard? Like a visual discussion.
Say I give you write access to my roast profile, then together we can write notes on it and it gets saved as a notated version - doesn’t affect the original?
As a newbie roaster, I’m learning a lot from everyone’s comments on profiles and settings: seeing this drawn might be easier to understand.

Are you picturing something like a clear overlay to draw on that can be seen or not? That sounds appealing. You can currently do a screenshot + edit which is similar in intent but (at least in Win10) cumbersome at best!


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Hey guys,

Being able to annotate roast profiles sounds like an interesting idea. However, I’m not sure how difficult this might be to implement on our end.

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@bab yes, that’s it. Us newbies would benefit to have fellows drawing on our curves to better describe what’s going on.
Maybe needs a poll?

Ability to draw on a roast curve?
  • Yes, that would be useful.
  • Maybe, not sure of its benefit to me.
  • No, that’s a stupid idea!

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Hey @scottwaugh, unfortunately, this isn’t something that’s our roadmap right now. One of the main issues I see with this is that drawing/writing with a mouse is difficult (a tablet/iPad might work but not every user have these devices) and the user experience would vary greatly from user-to-user.

I kinda feel bad now that I voted. It’s not stupid, but it’s not Yes or Maybe.
There are tons of applications out there to annotate images or share ideas on a whiteboard. Probably not the best use of time for the RW team to develop a tool to replicate that.

Message received.

@derrxb any update on the “user follow” feature in RW? Just wondering… :wink:

Thanks for following up on this! Yes, this is on our timeline for this round of features/updates.

We’re bringing this back and it should be done within this month.

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@derrxb hello Derrick, could you add a date stamp onto the curve page. I print my profiles to annotate with notes for next roast and cupping notes. A print-to-pdf option would also be useful. Thanks

Don’t know if/when they can get to that. In the interim I’ll mention I include the roast date in the title, e.g. “ | COUNTRY Bean Name -> Dk (440°F/6F°/xS)”. I put that together as part of the Comments entry just after charging the roaster (Dk = Dark- the roast color at the end which I can adjust in an edit; the first number is the IBTS value when I end the roast; the second number is B-RoR at the end; xS is the number of seconds into 2C if I take it that far). And an example:


ps- Hey @derrxb - I tried to “Get link” but the message editor didn’t like what I got:

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Thanks Bruce @bab, that’s a good idea. I’ll add more details to my roast titles also.

If I search a user, I see that some are following, but there is no apparent / obvious way to invoke following. Is this not currently enabled or how does one elect to follow another user?

Hi, thanks for bringing this post back up. Recently, we reimplemented the follow lists and follower lists on Roast.World.

I plan to add the ability to follow in the next week or two weeks. I’ll write here when that functionality is available. Originally, we planned to bring this back a few weeks ago but it worked on some additional features instead.

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Thanks for letting me know. I will look into getting this fixed.

Sounds good. Thanks!

How far away is the ability to message different roasters and follow them? I see “2 following” on some peoples profiles but don’t see how to follow.

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