Glass Faceplate Replacement in the US

Anyone carry spare glass faceplates for the Bullet R1 V2 in the US? Cracked mine today…

Sweet Maria’s has some spares and can order what they don’t have on hand. They’re in Oakland, CA.

There’s also an eastern US dealer but don’t recall the name.


The east coast Aillio dealer USED TO BE Docent Coffee in Atlanta. I just went to their web site and there’s no mention of Aillio or the Bullet.

Maybe @jacob can mention spare parts sources in the US… ??


Julio at Little Julio’s has me covered! He helped out with a control board a while back, as well.

I would try sweet maria’s.
We are working on making spare parts more easily available in the US but it is still a work in progress.

I think that Julio at Little Julio used to work at Sweet Maria’s.