Great news

:grinning: :smiley: :smile: :grin: :laughing: :rofl: :wink: My bullet came today instead of Monday :star_struck: Now just waiting for my seasoning beans. :disappointed: Oh well at least I calibrated the fan. Been a while since I last roasted. that was on my Hottop.


Congratulations. I‘ll have to wait for another three weeks at least to receive the upgrade for my Hottop, which I still have in use…

Yeh, you guys are lucky. Mine will hopefully arrive within the next three weeks as well. Have fun !

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You must have ordered from Aillio directly? Sweet Maria’s still have them in stock from the 11th when they received a new batch of them. Probably won’t help now, but for anyone else maybe…

I ordered from Roast Rebels in Switzerland and they expecting delivery of their batch mid of March.


I was sitting on Sweet Maria’s site waiting for the time they said they’d be available to order and had my account set, ready to hit purchase. heh. I wasn’t taking any chances having to possibly wait months again. :slight_smile: I wonder if you could cancel your order and get it from Sweet Maria’s? I suppose that might be challenging since it sounds like you are outside the U.S.

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I got mine from Sweet Maria’s on 02/16 at 11:01 PST :coffee: probably the first one!


Well, you’d have been hard pressed to be the first with me there :smiley: I had the whole thing set up using Apple Pay and BAM! lol. Anyway, I’m sure we’re both going to enjoy our new roasters :slight_smile:

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I am enjoying it, got a few seasoning roasts on it but need more. I am having a hard time hearing F C because of the 14" fan I am using, so I have to do adjustments.

Nice to hear you’re enjoying it. Yeah, not having the ability to easily hear 1C can be challenging. It’s hard to know where you are in the roast without it. I mean, sure you could make an educated guess by the temp you hit and how much time elapsed, but obviously that’s going to make things unnecessarily harder.

Same here :blush:

Ordered from Roastrebels.


I asked, they weren’t telling. Weren’t even going to grace us with a ‘photo finish’ for the laugh.
Ah well, it was a moment of entertainment I think a number of us will remember fondly.
(by the way, beat ya by my nose! /laughs)

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That’s OK as long as I got one.


I received my Bullet yesterday. After horrible dark an oily seasoning roasts I did in the evening…

…I’ve performed my first two production roasts today, which went pretty good as a first attempt.
Light roast Yirgacheffe dropped at the end of FC - might have been a little bit too late, run into medium roast, but looks acceptable, in reality not as dark as it looks like on the photo…

On a first glance I’m pretty happy with my Bullet, seems to be a big step forward compared with the Hottop, which was not too bad for learning the basics of roasting anyway…


I am anticipating getting my bullet hopefully by next month, but I am awaiting anxiously! Question for you all here. What beans did you get for “seasoning”. I was trying to look for some “throw away” beans and not the speciality beans that I currently roast. Any thoughts/suggestions would be highly appreciated!

I used Brazil Cerrado from Happy Mug, later noticed this one:

Mill City also has something to consider:

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I got lucky inadvertently…found a bunch of very old beans (5+ yrs old) in a cardboard box in my basement that I had forgotten about so I used those. I had more than enough to do 6x 400g seasoning roasts.

I recall another thread in these forums that someone went to a local roaster and asked for enough scrap beans to do their seasoning roasts.

Awesome thanks! I will look around and see what I have and also talk to some local roasters!

I spit my coffee all over the keyboard laughing when I read that description :rofl: