Grinding Noise

I’ve only roasted about 4kg on the bullet and I have loved it so far, however, today during my roast I started to hear a grinding noise every time the drum would reach a certain point in it’s rotation. It was towards the end of the roast so I stopped the roast immediately and dumped the beans out and quickly tried to cool it down. Since it was still making the grinding noise every rotation I turned it off and vacuumed air out to try and cool it down instead of going through the normal process.

I haven’t turned it back on yet but when I rotate the drum I hear a grinding/clinking towards the back of the drum. Has anybody else had this issue and how do I fix it?

-Kyle Brady

The first thing I’d do is check the pulley in the back. You’ll see it once you remove the chaff collector. It can move in certain situations so maybe that’s your case. The only other thing would be the handle in front, but you say the noise is coming from the back. There could also be a bean stuck under the drum in case the pulley wasn’t in it’s proper position. In that case you would have to remove the faceplate and try vacuuming out the wondering bean. Please also read this post by Jacob. Roaster is dropping green beans into cooling tray - #15 by jacob