Heating power loss issues

I’m getting lots of aborted roasts. Sometimes even during preheat the heating just stops. There have been no visible errors, but I just found out how to use the ‘i’ Info icon to get the logs up. This is what I saw:
Error 32786: 3328 - No drum detected
Error 131: 512
Ambient temp is under 30C, first roast from cold. 280C preheat. It made it through preheat, then at around 160C ROR started plummeting, I checked the red LED on the induction controller board and it was flashing.
The manual suggests this sort of thing might be caused by the drum not turning easily (mainly due to front bearing issues) but the drum seems correctly mounted on the bearing and turns fine. The fan on the induction board is clean and spinning.
Nothing’s going to happen at the supplier for a week or so (Xmas break) and Aillio support have just referred me to the supplier.

Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?

What was the flash count before it repeated ? How long do you leave it preheating ?

I didn’t notice any flash count, I thought it was just continuously flashing. But I wasn’t looking for that so I will check tomorrow. I preheated to 280 and charged after it hit 285 then dropped to 282. But I’ve had it do this after letting it decide to go to charge itself, also I’ve had it do it during preheat long before it got to the set temp.

My reply won’t help, but I had a similar issue with power loss without error notification a few roasts ago. Around that time, I had to adjust my drum pulley tension due to slight slippage. Since it hasn’t recurred, I hadn’t the impetus to look into the cause, but I’ll have to find out how to pull up the logs to see if I had the same code you did.

I had my drum stop dead half way through a roast. Turns out the tiny screws fastening the pulley wheel to the motor drive shaft had no loctite so they just unscrewed themselves and let go. This was back at roast number 10 or so.

@p_hamlynzvxt after how many roasts did this happen to you? This is a bit un-nerving…another thing to check when I pop out the chaff chamber I guess…

I got hold of the supplier, they got an answer from the distributor pretty quickly, sent an induction board from the East Coast, it got here in a few days, I picked up the roaster this afternoon and I’m back roasting. I can confirm that a roast that stopped half way several times and then was left for nearly two weeks then completed… doesn’t taste the best. But it was a good way to confirm the Aillio is working without risking any precious Ethiopian Ardi Late Pick beans.