Heatsink why replace?

I was wondering why people replace/update their Heatsink?
Should I?
It looks like a complicated upgrade.
My Bullet is a pre order serial number 000185, It’s working well, I’ve recently added the new IBT sensor.

I assume you have a 120V Bullet? I do, and when I replaced the heatsink my net power went way up - before the upgraded heatsink, I could take 750g of beans to 1C no faster than 12 minutes (even at Power Level 8), but after the upgrade, at power level 6 or 7, I can get to 1C in 6 or 7 minutes. Your mileage may vary - my SN is 000076. I hear the heatsink isn’t needed if you have a 220V machine.

One reason to hold off is if you’re planning on taking advantage of the new induction board - it will totally replace the same subassembly. The biggest advantage from 30,000 feet of the new board will be reproducability across roasters and power supplies, which should make sharing roast profiles and other roast info more accurate.

It looks like a complicated upgrade.

Yes, it was.

I have a 220v unit, sounds like I don’t need to deal with it then. I jumped at a 220 unit because more power is better when heating or cooling… good decision. Unfortunately I can only roast at one outlet in the house.