Help on IBTS fan replacement

Does anyone have any advice on replacing the IBTS fan? I received a replacement from Sweet Maria’s recently. If anyone has done this, what’s the best route to get to the fan? Thanks.

Look here.

If you need more let me know. It’s very do-able.

Edit: It may not be apparent but if you look closely at the larger of the 2 connectors beside the fan photo you will notice that larger connector is starting to back out. There’s a lot of weight hanging on the connector if you don’t have support under the removed parts, in this case the pedestal & the PC boards. I had support under it and it still started to disconnect. The leg lengths of that cable are really short. I reseated everything on the way out.


Thanks Bruce that was very helpful.

Here is my current issue.

When I test everything while apart, the fan runs smoothly and in Roast Time it shows the IR fan RPM. However, when I put everything back together, the fan shows 0. I plugged the USB cable into the back of the PCB and it runs fine. But as soon as I try to put the PCB back into place and run things, it shows 0 again. Is this simply an issue of having a loose connection somewhere?

I can’t be certain, but you’re probably right that there’s a loose connection. A few possibilities-

  • There may be a pin in one of the cable connectors that isn’t completely seated.
  • One connector that isn’t completely seated or is backing out a little when you reassemble.
  • Check cable routing to be sure the cable bundle doesn’t interfere with the fan blades.

Failing these things you will need to call in the big guns at Aillio or Sweet Maria’s.