Help! Trying to fulfill orders but red light blinking!

Hey Team,

My bullet is not even a month old, this is my second one but there is a blinking red light by the serial numbers that is blinking once every 5 seconds. My unit won’t heat up and I tried one manual roast and the unit stalled out and stopped heating, had to dump the roast. I’m also having issues with the unit not staying connected to my MacBook!

I had a somewhat similar episode a couple of months ago. Loss of Power During Roast
It turned out that my longer than normal preheat (about 55 minutes) was probably the culprit that triggered the error. The next roast a few days later and every one since has been fine. I now try to preheat no longer than 30-35 minutes. I’m running Windows so I don’t know if that makes any difference.

Likely a shutdown because of overheating of the board. In RT when you’re roasting there is an “i” in a circle icon that you can click to open up the info panel. That has a number of readings that is updated while you roast, one of which is the IGBT1 (something like that) reading, if that turns yellow it is getting hot, if that turns red likely shutdown will occur. In another thread many of us mitigate this by using a small fan pointed at the belly of the roaster to help keep it cooler. I do that myself. I’ll see if I find the thread.

Not saying what I described is exactly your problem, but it could be.

Keep an eye on your IGBT temps. If they go over 98°C it will cut power to P0.

See my post here: New Error Experienced - Bullet dropped to P0 Multiple Times - #4 by chocolatedogkona

I sure hope they add the IGBT1 sensor temperature data to the main roasting page. It is absolutely critical information, and I still occasionally forget to pull up the window for it. So many things to keep track of. Very fiddly process.