I Just Got My 220v Bullet. It came with a 110v/15amp plug

I just got my 220v Bullet in the US. The unit plate and the box say 220v, but the plug says 110v/15amp. I have a question into tech support to verify that I have a 220v version.

Has anyone had this issue and how did you fix it? I could cut off the male end of the plug and change it to 220/15amp. I’m not sure they carry 220v versions of the power cable around here.

Same here, literature pointed out that only a 115v plug would be provided. I cut mine off and re-wired with standard 220v 20 amp plug. My provided cable wiring color code was U.S. standard, NOT the international color codes.

I heard back from Aillio and they confirmed that they send a 110v/15amp cord. They suggested putting an adaptor on the cord. That’s too sketchy for me. I checked on Amazon and there are a couple of 220v/15amp cords available.

I would assume the electronics of the machine would handle plugging the supplied cord into a 110v outlet. I’m not going to try it myself.

The power cable that came with my 110v Bullet is rated for up to 300v. Just check the cable itself which should state its rating.

I got a cord off of Amazon. There’s not a lot of choice given 200 in not common in the US for appliances. The cord works fine