IBTS cleaning?

Hello, I’ve been reading the owner’s manual and in the cleaning section it is only talking about the ir window. So the new machines with the IBTS system don’t require any special cleaning process or precautions?


It does. The recommendation being a deep clean every 30Kgs and a front/face plate clean every 10Kgs. Makes sense to clean both the bean and IBTS sensors during faceplate and deep clean ups.

It would be nice if the manual talked about how to do that what to use and maybe some pictures of the sensors. I’m sure it’s pretty obvious once your in it , but it would suck to accidentally damage the sensor with the wrong cleaning materials etc.

@jasonstarbirdg4k6 I use this from Sweet Marias as my guide.

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just follow the link. One of the videos explains all about cleaning IBTS

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That was perfect! Thank you :pray: