IBTS.... IBT.... ehm ISBT.... IRTS.... or was it ITBS?


We like to have descriptive names or sentences for new things - and when the sentences become too long we turn to abbreviations - but then the descriptiveness disappear again :slight_smile:

Never the less I have found this little smart guy to be very dirt repellent. Only need some brief alcohol swab’ing. Done this twice now after a total of 120kg greens. What a huge improvement in maintenance.


Good to know that it is remaining that clean after 264lbs of roasted product. Nice! :clap:

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve transposed characters in that acronym…


Lucky you! I’m still having to clean my new IR sensor every 10-11 kg.


Hey I like the acronym! XD


120kg a lot of coffee just for you?

Cleaning opening screws i.e. the door?