Improving the rubber friction so your belt will not come loose

If you are having trouble with the belt becoming loose quickly, then here is something you can try. Take off the plastic cover to the motor and have a look at the rubber mounts. If they don’t look black and shiny, then you can try to heat treat the rubber parts at about 180 deg C for 5 to 10 min in the oven (or carefully using a heat gun). If they start smoking then the temperature is too high :wink: The EPDM rubber can release a wax over time, which comes from the molding process. Heat treating will remove this wax and make the rubber have more friction to hold the bracket in place.
Aillio have made a new spring which should be in all new Bullet being manufactured, and this should once and for all eliminate the problem. The spring will be compatible with the old Bullets as well.


Thanks Jacob!
I have not had an issue so far:wink:

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