IR Fan RPM is 0?

In my roast information panel on Roastime, it shows the IR Fan highlighted in red, and it says its spinning at 0 rpm? Any ideas what’s going on? Also getting error code 6486 so I can’t roast either way. Starts beeping immediately upon turning it on.

Edit/Update: Okay, it stopped beeping and the error code went away so I can roast now. RPMs back in the 15000’s. What is happening? This is the second time it’s fixed itself.

Dunno for sure but there’s a chance of either a loose connection on the fan able connectors or possibly the fan is dirty with ‘stuff’ from roasting (mostly an issue if your roasts are pretty dark).

The connections are easy enough to check by removing the face plate and following the cable from the control board to the fan. With the control panel detached from the base you can do some maintenance on the fan getting rid of any contamination. The maintenance will also allow you to confirm the fan impeller isn’t contacting the rubber mount- even the slightest contact will prevent the blades from rotating.

If these steps fail to correct the issue your next step is probably to contact your roaster supplier or Aillio support.


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I had a similar issue, the fix (cleaning the IBTS fan) documented here: Error 42, IBTS CASING TEMPERATURE TOO HIGH - #2 by jacob

In my case I think it was caused by roasting so many natural process beans, not that I roasted them particularly dark. But … it could also be that I’ve roasted over 700kg over the many years I’ve had my Bullet.