IR sensor on the latest batch of machines has no glass window

I completed my seasoning roasts earlier today and after the machine cooled all the way down, got to work on cleaning the IR sensor per the docs. I used this guide: Cleaning the Bullet IR window - Google Docs

After removing the panel, what I saw, did not match the guide, as I had no glass window where the IR sensor was. "uh oh, did it fall out, did I ‘roast it’ and should I sift through 5+ pounds of beans now to see if its in there? how am i going to get this fixed… " (etc etc)

I emailed Aillio and Sweet Maria’s, and SM got back to me right away saying that this batch of machines does not have a glass window. (!!) The IR sensor now self-cleans with jets of air in the new design.

I realize that since I’m quite new to the R1 scene, that I may be the only one who didn’t know this… but in case there’s someone else out there with the new machine who’s about to clean their IR sensor; this might save someone a near heart attack.

(Sweet Maria’s said they’d be updating all the documentation shortly, so this is just a temporary issue.)

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Sorry for the scare. We have been trying to reach all you new Bullet owners with really important information. Please Read This Document as it contains very important information.
Don’t forget to swap out the impeller before your first roast!

We have also started updating the manual but missed that part.
The manual now states that only older V1 needs cleaning after seasoning

It will take us some time to get through the whole document, so please check back once in a while for updates.
Happy roasting.

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I just went to clean my IR area because I have been getting a bunch of A-01 towards the end of my roast and during the cooling down period… Manual calls for Exhaust fan in locked and can not turn however it was spinning and I did the upgrade fan too? But thank you for the heads up on the piece of glass because I was searching too.