Is this my firmware version?

I’m new and learning my way around RoasTime and the machine. Wondering about this one.

In RoasTime 4, on my Mac, I don’t see an option to update firmware, but I think it might have done that as there were various updates that downloaded. I had thought those were for the RoastTime, but now thinking firmware is automatic. All the directions I could find were RT3 specific, including on Sweet Maria’s.


The firmware update is not automatic. Supposing that the layout is the same on Mac as in Windows, you’ll find your profile icon in the upper right corner. Click on that, and then edit settings. The first one should be Firmware Update. Your Bullet must be connected in order to see if there are any updates.


Ah! Thank you. I had messed about in the software on the Mac when my Bullet wasn’t connected and also in the menus on the Bullet itself with no joy. :slight_smile:

I had been thinking this was the firmware, but I see that I have 605 as selecting “stable 605” doesn’t give me an option to “start”, but selecting “beta 610” does. Cool. My machine is so new that it came with 605.