Issues with the bearing


Hey guys! Akshay here. I bought a bullet recently and roast professionally on it(my little venture is called kapi kottai). So, the bearing of the drum has been giving trouble of late. It keeps going waayy in and refuse to jut out. A lot of beans fall because of the gap created. Should I take the bearing out fomr the face and give it a good clean? and how do i take it out? stab it with a screw driver?


A couple others have reported a similar problem (try a search; sorry- don’t recall the topic). I doubt the issue is at the front of the drum but rather at the rear. Or possibly debris under the drum or a shaft issue where it goes thru the rear bearing. In any case you should get a trouble ticket started ( -> Contact -> Tech Support) so they can guide the troubleshooting and get the parts together you’ll need for repair. Btw, most efforts to clean a ball bearing end with damaging the bearing.


edit: here’s the link.


Thank you so much! I have raised a ticket with Ailio. Let’s see🤞🏽