Keeping Spare Parts on Hand

Does anyone keep spare parts on hand? If so which parts?

I know the Bullet is not a production roaster. But a number of people do use it for farmer’s markets, local sales, shop roasting, etc… I want to try and build a small coffee business by starting out locally with the Bullet before making large investment for something bigger. Anyone else doing small scale production roasting with their bullet? Do you keep spare parts on hand in case something breaks and orders are pending?

I do use it to sell locally and when the Farmers Markets open up again I will be there. I do not have any spare parts on hand. It is a great idea, but I feel there is no way to know exactly what will need to be replaced when the time comes. With my luck the one thing I don’t have on hand will be what goes first. That being said, in my opinion, the only way to be truly prepared is to have a second bullet so if one goes down you can keep roasting on the other. That or a back up roaster. I previously roasted on a Behmor, which is still operational, so for me that is a backup.