How do you create your roasting profile?

What are the relationships and effects of power , fan , and drum speed settings to drum temperature? And what are the things you use to manipulate or decide during the roast ?

What is your process:)

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I think you just have to get down in the weeds and learn your roaster!

I recommend getting some really cheap beans - maybe seasoning beans or some cheap robusta and do a bunch of roasts with really no thought as to how it’s going to taste - with robusta how good is it going to taste, anyway! Set yourself some goals in terms of roast milestones and play around with parameters to meet them.

Morten Munchow’s suggested starting point in fine tuning a roast is about 9 mins to FC and 3 to 4 mins from FC to end, so that might be a good goal to start with. You’ll have to decide how dark you want to go. I like a medium light roast - a little darker than Nordic - so tend to end the roast circa 215° C IBTS.

My basic profile for a 500g batch is -

PH - 250° C
—>P5 at 2:30
—>P3 at 200° C
Dump at 215° C

Obviously, if you roast darker and you want maintain the 3 - 4 min development time, you will have to hit FC with more power.

Once you can hit your milestones, start using the good stuff and see what effects changes in roast parameters have.

Munchow contends that 80% of a flavor profile is color; 15% is development time (FC to dump); and 5% is time to FC. And he has done the double blind tasting sessions with trained and untrained panels to be able to reach these conclusions.

He pays no attention to RoR, except as it is helpful in hitting your roast milestones.

He is also not a fan of micromanaging roasts and complicated roasting profiles. The double blind testing doesn’t support these very subtle changes in roasting profile.

The only thing that matters is that you’re having fun and you like the way the coffee tastes!


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Somewhere there is a promo code that provides Aillio Bullet users with a free introductory video course on Munchow’s website “Coffee Mind” that expands on what Gray indicates in his post. Munchow attempts to simplify the process so that you can answer the questions you pose. He starts with a basic middle-of-the-roast range profile that allows you to learn your roaster. I think this is a good starting point to do your trial and error in a systematic way.

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The Coffee-Mind course can be accessed:
Morten MĂĽnchow from CoffeeMind is now offering two science-based courses specifically for Bullet users.

The First, Roast Profile Design E-Learning course that has been adapted to include more useful info for Bullet users. This course can be taken for free at(Bullet Roast Profile Design Basics – CoffeeMind)and then inputting the coupon code “bullet-customer-elearning” on the checkout page.


Morten and Ida also have podcasts that are available to all -

There are also a handful of YouTube videos. Google CoffeeMind


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