Links to Aillio's instructional videos and PDFs, consolidating data?

Roast.World is shaping up to be that long-hoped-for central repository for all Bullet wisdom/lore/know-how, logically arranged and easily searchable. I for one would love to see links leading to all the information the folks at Aillio have been providing over the months, including instructional videos and PDFs.

Three examples:

the video demonstrating how to cover the PCB with silicone

the video showing how to remove the control panel

the elegant pdf entitled “Installing a Bean Probe or Tryer” (I just tried to upload it, but was informed that it is not permissible to do so with documents in that format).

There have also been bits of information in Aillio newsletters, detailing such things as pulley alignment and keeping the IR sensor free of dust build-up. As far as I can tell, many of these bits of information have not made their way into the online manual, and remain scattered across the internet, along with all the nuggets unearthed on the Aillio users Facebook page.

I am not an organized person, and am having trouble conceiving of the optimal way to gather and display all these bits of information. Thus it is that I beg the smarter, better-organized individuals out there to propose or institute a way to accomplish this.

Thank you all!