Looking for a good 1kg dark (espresso) roast recipe

I’m beginning to roast coffee, Ive recently received a five pound bag of arabica beans. I need to find a good, consistent dark roast recipe for espresso. Second crack is kind of a must for me. So far I’ve been using a recipe that has a 230C Preheat and I do the usual P9 and down from there, F2 and up from there as the roast goes on. I want absolutely no acidity at all, more chocolatey and full body rather than bright because it will be used for espresso. Does anyone have a recipe they’d be willing to share, specifically for 1kg (1000g)? I want a nice standard recipe that I can repeat with the same. beans and the same results. I would very much appreciate it!


Hey! I used this when I needed some help


Worked like a charm.

Hope it helps, Cheers!

EDIT: Try the " Aillio Bullet Espresso Profile «sweet»"-profile

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Roasting batches of 1KG requires a bit of thermal momentum as I have seen. Personally, I have found it easier to manage the roast after yellowing with a Drum Speed of 8 as opposed to 9. My usual regimen is to drop down my drum speed to 7 (earlier I used to do it at one shot, but with the load of 1KG, dropping the drum speed two speed puts some kind of a strain on the belt or the bearing), so, I drop it down to 8 when the difference between the bean probe and ibts is about 10 C and then drop it down to 7 right after turnaround. Thereafter, I raise it to 8 when the IBTS touches 135C. Thereafter I maintain the drum speed at 8 till I drop my beans.

Further, going by the declining ror for a dark roast that touches 2C and beyond takes a very long time. I, thus, increase the heat up from 5 to 6 when my DTR touches 6% and then my F to 5 when it touches 12 - takes away the smokiness.

My usual batch size is 1050gms. We sell in 250gms lots, so, that extra 50gms gives us 1.5Kg+ of roast every two batches.

For a 1kg batch, I’d go with a higher preheat to get a decent amount of heat into the system as @cash0612 referred to. Aillio’s guide recommends the highest PH setting (310C) for that amount of coffee.

Consider roasting smaller batches of coffee to try to dial in a profile that suits your (or your customer’s tastes), and then you can try using that as an overlay to develop a profile for a larger roast.