Lost the bean chute plug

Hello, I have managed to lost my bean chute plug (I know). Is there some quick way to replace it with something or do I need to order and wait for a new one?

Thank you for any tips.

Hi Michal,

I roast on a balcony and I’m counting the days until the bean chute plug goes over the edge when I’m bringing the roaster back inside…

I’d suggest starting with your local dealer from this page: https://aillio.com/?page_id=3173

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thank you John, yeah, I roast on the balcony too… Anyway, I need to roast this weekend so I was thinking

you think this might be ok for a temporary solution? It is some little silicone forms for bakeing


I used 4 layers of aluminum foil and molded a cover that went about 1/2 inch deep to help it stay in place until I got a replacement from sweet marias


that is an inspired choice, love it

Genius! How did it work?

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Once you get the new bean plug, there is another option. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, but just never get around to it. You can take a length of small ball chain (like for dog tags, or jewelry/crafts). Drill a hole in the tab on the plug, then loop the chain through the hole and around the leg of the roaster.

Stainless Steel 4.5 in and 27 in.Military Dog tag Ball Chain, 2.4mm #3 https://a.co/d/jfhnIU5

I’m running a solution very similar to what ibrubeer proposes. Does the job perfect! Can recommend that little tweek to everyone.