Manual PH Mode for Bullet?

Hey everyone. I am wondering if there will ever be a completely manual mode for the Bullet. I would love to see a manual preheat mode where I can adjust heat and fan settings on the fly. Is anyone else interested in this?


Issue has been discussed here already, it‘s not possible to adjust PH phase manually except of PH power before start: Brand new Bullet V2 - Can't set preheat temp without making or using a recipe?
Why do you want to do and don‘t trust the automated cycle?

As long as it gets to temperature what does it matter ?

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Agreed @timcmillen2knj. And if you throw too much heat at the drum too quickly from cold, it may cause issues of warping the drum or something else.

I know its not possible. I’d like to see this feature implemented. Heat and air. I focus on consistency from batch to batch and do not pay attention to the infrared sensor that the Bullet uses to tell you to charge. I look at the bean probe and warm up for about 45 minutes total. I overheat the temp by about 30-40 degrees, then drop it down to the desired charge temp. This gives me consistency from batch to batch due to the energy that gets built up in the machine. The first batch is as consistent as the last. However, I have to preheat using the PH mode, then hit the button twice to send the roaster into cooling mode, drop the PH temp and let the temp fall back to the desired charge temp. Sometimes RT records a roast that I later have to delete, which is annoying. There is a reason that commercial roasters do not limit you to an automated cycle only. I think it’s good to have an automated option, but wish there was a manual option as well so I could just raise the heat settings to achieve the desired initial PH temp, then just lower the PH settings.


It matters. Especially if you’re roasting multiple batches of the same coffee and want any sort of consistency.

Where did you get this information?

Can’t do preheating is automatic

@timcmillen2knj - Exactly. I was using conjecture as to why it may be like that in the first place. There’s a reason it’s doesn’t allow it, no doubt.

@rick2304 it sounds like you want full manual preheat mode to mimic the preheat protocol that is used for example in the Mill City Roasters videos. IMHO that’s a reasonable objective and makes sense to allow as an alternative to the automatic preheat.


Yes! This is an excellent suggestion Rick

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I experienced exactly this yesterday. The drum had built up good heat during three back to back roasts. To drop the charge temp meant manually adjusting PH via F1 menu. Not really an issue but could have been done quicker with a shortcut from the front panel. Agree with Rick on this one


I agree that a more user friendly way to change the ph temp during the ph cycle would be useful. I often forget to change it when roasting back to back with different ph temp requirements and have to end the roast just to change the ph.