Motor Pulley drive wheel/cog

Just destroyed 666g of Nicaragua Maragogype. After charging, I noticed smoking and a lack of barrel turning sound. About half the beans burned on one side, and everything very uneven, not much point trying to separate out the ‘good’ ones as there weren’t many.

Quick check of the trouble shooting section of the manual had me removing the motor to check the tension of the drive pulley. Which was perfect. What wasn’t so perfect, was that the little drive wheel on the end of the motor drive shaft dropped off when I removed the motor. In fact the two tiny screws that hold it on the drive shaft were loose by a couple turns, one by about five turns. For this to come loose after about a dozen roasts implies that either it needs loctite or it just wasn’t tightened enough.

Worth mentioning in the manual probably… and maybe another step in QC…