Need Help...Cannot get response from support. Error code 6384, error code "chaf"

Greetings! I cannot get anyone to respond to my emails to aillio. I originally had an error code 6384. I updated firmware and now it flashes a code “chaf” turns power to 0 on preheat. Can anyone help with this issue

I’ve not seen “chaf” before - got a photo ? I think anything that stops the power coming on and that sort of 6384 code means something failed a safety check. You could try the old standby of removing the power cord, waiting a few minutes and powering it back up again. Remove and restore the power at the outlet side by the way, not the Bullet side. I’ve heard that can be problematic in some cases.

@jacob any idea ?

going out on a very thin limb here… would “chaf” have anything to do with the chaff collector??

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The drum temp shows 172 does it preheat at all before tripping the error ?

On the underside power board, can you see a red Led and is it steady or flashing. If flashing count the number before it pauses and starts over…

This was the first time it made it this far in preheat. Before it was almost immediate.

Can you get to the Info panel in RoasTime that shows the fan speeds etc, and get a screen grab to post here.

What firmware and software are you running now ?

What @stuartmcknight asked about the flashing red LED is imnportant… that’s what identifies what error you’re dealing with on the power board (if the power board is in fact the issue!).


Here is the screen grab from my Info window - I suspect one or both of your Coil Fan values is on the low side or not registering at all…

coil fan

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Here is the beginning of the preheat and then when it messages. Cool fan 2 does go to zero.

Might be worth looking at the power board underneath to see if the fans are clean and free running. If your cooling tray has no ductwork it’s possible smoke from the tray is being sucked into the power board and depositing on the fans and other parts. When I used the cooling tray I had a right angle elbow to direct smoke away from the board.

If that’s not a winner then you’ll likely need spares from Aillio

The Chaf message is when the Chaff collector is removed and the the fans stop (new certified bullets has a switch to turn off the blower and coil fan 2 when you remove the chaff collector)
If the collector is not removed then coil fan 2 might be broken if it stops spinning. You can take off the motor cover (opposite chaff collector) and check the wires.
The support are off on weekends but should reply you today.

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Hi Marathon0025,

Based on the serial number of your Bullet, we did receive your email and replied on Oct 18th, a day after we received the email. It might be kicked into the Spam folder. As we mentioned in that email, there are no debug logs of your Bullet uploaded to our system after June 1st. Yours is not a CE version Bullet so it’s most likely a coil fan 2 issue. Please find our reply in your emai folder so that we can arrange the replacement shipping for you. Thannk you!


That seems odd that a “chff” message would be thrown if there isn’t the hardware (microswitch?) to trigger it ? Thanks for the update Jacob on the hardware tweaks…

Matt, it was in spam. Replied. Thanks.