New Bullet and only problems... Error 256 always as soon as I start roasting [SOLVED]

I bought this (expensive) machine and it has always something going wrong… now since a while, the 000256 message error pops up as soon as I put the beans on the roaster… how can I finally solve this issue that is ruining so many green beans, spending a lot of additional money…???

I maintain the machine according to the official recommendations, and now I have a whistling noise in the drum when turning… annoying.

Honestly… quite disappointed so far with all the issues this machine has.

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You might try measuring the line voltage at the wall outlet when the roaster is at full power. ErC 256 says line voltage is low. Line voltage is also displayed in the "i"nfo pop-up on the Roast page, but if you know what the voltage is at the outlet when the Bullet has the error, you’ll know if it’s the Bullet power board or the power source.

I have a Kill-A-Watt voltage/current/power measuring device in line with the Bullet power cord to confirm I don’t have an issue with power. I’m in an RV park; power is the first thing I think about cuz RV parks are notorious for limited power. I bought it on Amazon over 4 yrs ago but I assume they’re still available.

Also, I just noticed that this ErC is generated for f/w versions 386 or earlier Are you in that group? That doesn’t sound right as I’ve convinced myself I’ve seen it at least once. Maybe @jacob can confirm that current f/w doesn’t generate this error code any longer… ??.


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Sorry to hear you are having problems.
I checked our logs but I did not see any error codes. If you roast please do so with RoasTime connected, then we can normally find the solution.
Please record the sound the drum is making and post it here.


Thanks for your replies.

Yes… unfortunately quite a lot of problems: first, the tryer needed to be replaced as the little screw was loose and once I got it inside the drum, so I got shocked.

Then, this whistling noise after the first cleaning, and Aillio recommended me to put some food oil… still did not do so because I don´t want to start touching it with the risk of breaking it… I bought this machine in January 2023… so it is brand new.

And now… this 256 error appearing quite often and randomly when I put the beans inside… so then the P goes to 0 and screws the roast and makes me throw more money away… power voltage should be fine because I have never had any issues before, and I was plugging in several devices… I have a cable enlarger as the plug is a bit far away for the Bullet to reach it (in order for the machine to be as close to the window as possible), but cannot believe the roaster is such delicate machine also with a cable.

My serial number is 8907; it was produced in July 2022, and I purchased it 10.01.2023.

Hi Jacob,

I only roast with the laptop on, and connected to RoasTime. I usually sync also my roasts.

Juan (?),

I am making an assumption that English is not your native language?

If you are using an extension cord (I assume this is what you meant by “cable enlarger”), I can guarantee you and introducing a voltage drop, and the Bullet is not getting full power. A Kill-A-Watt would easily confirm this. The voltage will drop further as you try to pull more power though an insufficient circuit.

A tip - you can see the incoming line voltage while in a roast by clicking the “i” icon in RoasTime. Are you on 120v or 240v mains power?

The whistling noise is likely an air gap somewhere from incorrect reassembly. You should go over everything you did, and be sure you reassembled everything correctly.

ETA - Here’s an image that illustrates the tip I mentioned above (original image courtesy of @jaredscoe):

I recently did a deep clean, but have been getting errors of late. I did the recommended protocol that Aillio suggested for a ErC 32 error. Then this morning after two successful roasts, the third roast temperature topped out at 350-ish (Fahrenheit) before the error occurred (of which I took a picture and it did not record). So I had to ditch the beans. Then I shut down the machine. When restarting, my pre-heat reached about 180ish and then threw the 256 error. I am plugged directly into a wall, close to the machine. I am current on firmware 606 (which I was told to update after registering the first error issues). The machine was purchased in February 2023, and I have successfully roasted 64 batches, so it seems like these errors should not be happening to a new machine that is lightly used. Thoughts?

I checked your logs and there are some errors regarding the input voltage.
One of them I have not seen myself before.

First thing to try is another power cable, and another outlet.

If this does not help then If you are comfortable to do so, please take off the cover underneath the bullet (pull out the main plug so it has no power), then check that the screw terminals are all tight. With this I mean the wires coming from the inlet plug to the PCB.

Always good to snap a few photos you can send to support later.

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It appears as though my issue was the wall voltage. I was able to do 15 back to back roasts on another outlet without issue a few days later. Thanks for the help!

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