New owner, drum does not start

Docs would tell me the motor is bad, which is not encouraging, makes me just want to get money back and continue with my Hottop. I was setting up the first drum seasoning roast. Updated firmware first. Preheated to 230C. For expediency during seasoning, I manually started charging with PRS once the drum temp appeared stable +/- 1C, loaded 454g of sacrificial beans and nothing happens other than beans getting burned to a crisp. The drum does not turn. It’s fully forward, the fuse appears intact, the belt is snug. I can manually turn the drum (I had to turn it by hand to eject the beans, though there are a few I can’t get out). Am I correct that I need a new motor?

Does the drum spin when preheating? Does it stop spinning when the beans are added?

There was a news letter that came out recently where some of the bullets were shipped with loose grub screws on the motor pulley.

I don’t have access to my computer but I’ll try and find a link.

There is a section in the bullet manual that walks you through the process. Unfortunately I can’t get a page number to you right now

No, the drum never spins, so I did not consider that solution, but I suppose, if it is really loose, it won’t turn empty. I’ll send a tech support request in the meanwhile.

After shipping it is a good idea to tighten the motor pulley.

  1. Remove the cover (4 screws)
  2. tighten the 2 set screws on the motor. Make sure they engage the flat part of the shaft.

You can run the Bullet without the cover on, so that you can see if everything is working correctly.

I can’t help you diagnose the drum problem, but I would urge you to stay with the Bullet. I have No. 75 off the line, six years old by now. It has had the occasional hardware problem, most of them my own fault, but the support has been outstanding and I have enjoyed hundreds of big, delicious roasts.

I have upgraded along the line, doing and learning well beyond what I would have believed myself capable, and I consider it one of the very best purchases I ever made.

I hope that when you get this issue straightened out you will one day feel the same way.

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I had a very rapid response, almost real time, from tech support. In the process, I found the wires from the motor PCB were not soldered to the motor, so it’s not getting any power. I have been informed I will be supplied with a replacement part through the retailer. I will update when I get it running.

Thank you all.