New Roast.World now in Beta (Official Feedback Thread)


Hey @tonyreimer did you try just using RT3’s settings > config to change your temperature preference? That’s where I set it, and it shows up right away on RW3.


Brilliant @bradm ! That worked. Appreciate the suggestion.


why does FC use the bean temp instead of the IBTS on the side bar? (on a V2)


Go to Configuration Setup (the gear icon, lower left) and choose Config -> Primary Measure. Choose either Probe or IBTS, then click Save Config.



Can I see the total amount that I’ve roasted on my bullet anywhere? The old site showed a total up front but the beta only lets me see the last year.


Thanks for pointing this out. I don’t think I’ve implemented this change on Beta Roast World yet though so this won’t work. I’ve added it to my list and should get this done this week (probably before Wednesday)


Hi, there’s no All Time option. I’ll add this to my backlog and let you know when it’s implemented.


Is the beta site down, its no longer loading for me. On the original site, the Community tab is up to date but seeing no new dashboard data since mid October. Thanks


From the dashboard you can click on the right pane to get into However, when one is in, you can’t click to get to your user dashboard in or roast world… This should be more easily linked


It is very hard to read the Roast World logo in dark mode. The whole top bar is faint with poor contrast in dark modes unless my screen brightness is jacked up to max.


use the ***** button to go into the Config and you can alter the colour there!


Hi, Roast World Community is running using Discourse. I will see if it is possible to link RW Community to RW. Thanks for the feedback.


I will try to get this fix to provide better contrast


You may want to consider SSO solution to link the two.


Oh, log in to the Community is built using our Roast World stack as SSO. This is already setup. So once you’ve logged into Community RW, you should be able to go to Beta Roast World and you’d be logged in and vice-versa.

In terms of a quick link from RW Comunity to RW, I’ve been looking into the Discourse docs to see how I can get this done.


Thanks, I made some changes to the Dark Theme on RW Community. The text should have a lot more contrast now.

I am working on getting the logo to work properly now


Yes I see that, but the strange thing is the SSO profile data doesn’t appear to be synced. On Discourse I’m “BlackLabs” but on I’m “Coffee 75af74_09e90” and I can’t edit that (or any user profile attributes). I had just created my profile a couple days ago.

In terms of a quick link from Discourse back to… we haven’t been able to do that in our implementation of Discourse either. Maybe a work around is a pinned post at top with a link back.


Ahh, I understand what you mean now. Hmm, that’s weird. The only time Coffee ... was in a weird scenario in the previous way the legacy apps were set up. I will look into getting this fixed. Thanks for pointing this out.

Perhaps this can help you out: (It should allow you to set up custom links on the header).


much nicer! thanks